We could not be more thrilled to announce the winner, runner-up and finalists of the 2013 Indiana Review 1/2K Prize! We received hundreds of fine submissions from all over the country, which were read and reviewed anonymously. The final winner was selected by contest judge Dinty W. Moore.

2013 Indiana Review 1/2 K Prize Winner

“Wal-Mart Parking Lot”

Diane Seuss


“At Least Ourselves”

Caitlin Scarano

We asked 1/2K judge Dinty W. Moore to say a few words about Seuss’s winning story “Wal-Mart Parking Lot.” Moore writes:

“Wal-Mart Parking Lot” offers readers an unexpected vision of American culture filtered through consumer culture and 20th century art history. I love the energy and delicious oddness of the flash essay. Concise and surprising.

Congratulations to Seuss and runner-up Caitlin Scarano on your excellent work! Many thanks to the hundreds of writers who submitted to make the 1/2K contest one of our most successful yet. As always, we appreciate your innovative and provocative work!


Amy Rossi,”Take, Eat”

Rebecca Meacham, “Exercises for Printing and Writing, Haverford Indiana School, 1910″ and “Mrs. Williamson Winds the Watch”

Rosa Lane, “The Shed”

Christopher Allen, “When Susan Died the First Time”

Sophie Klahr, “Other Music” and “the book of paid rooms, volumes I & II”

Caitlin Scarano, “No Men in the Title, A Poem to Birds and Places”

Chelsea Biondolillo, “Necrology”

Cassie Pruyn, “The Riverboat Captain”


About Decker Cavosie

Decker Cavosie was born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana. He is currently in his third year studying English at Indiana University and serves as Web & Publicity Intern for Indiana Review.


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