Questions about Submissions

Below find answers to your questions about submissions divided into categories of General Information, Before You Submit, and After Submitting . If you think there is a question that should be included, please send an email to

General Information

What does IR look for in submissions?
IR considers previously unpublished fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art. We are dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging and established writers. Our mission is to offer the highest quality writing within a wide aesthetic. We look for poems, stories, and nonfiction that are well-crafted and lively, have an intelligent sense of form and language, assume a degree of risk, and have consequence beyond the world of their speakers or narrators. We also welcome interviews with established writers.
What are the story formatting requirements?
We prefer manuscripts that are double-spaced in 11 or 12 point font with numbered pages. Online submissions should be formatted as either .pdf or .doc files.
Can anyone submit to IR?
Yes, as long as you are not currently or recently affiliated with Indiana University, which includes those who have studied at or worked for IU within the past four years.
Do you accept translated works?
Yes, as long as we can confirm first North American publication rights.
Does IR accept art submissions?
Yes! Paintings, photographs, comics, and drawings are welcome. In lieu of originals, please send slides or digital images of work. DO NOT send the only copy of work. Send up to five pieces that are up to 6 x 9″ in dimensions or may be later reduced to this size. Visual works must also be publishable in black and white, but, when funding allows, may be published in full color.
My piece has been published before. Will you still accept it?
No. All submissions must be previously unpublished, which includes works posted to personal blogs, online journals or magazines, or any part of a thesis or dissertation that has been published electronically.
I shared my poem/story/nonfiction with family and friends. Does this count as previous publication?
If it has appeared online in written form in any public space (facebook, a personal blog, etc.), we consider this a previous publication and cannot accept it.
I’ve worked/studied at IU in the past. Can I still have my work published?
IR cannot consider work (other than book reviews) from anyone currently or recently affiliated with Indiana University, which includes those who have studied at or worked for Indiana University within the past 4 years.

Before You Submit

To whom should I address my submission?
You can find the name of the latest poetry/fiction/nonfiction editors on our About page.
Are simultaneous submissions okay?
Yes, but we ask that you inform us as soon as possible if your submission is accepted elsewhere.
How many poems can I include in a submission?
Send only 3-6 poems per submission. Do not send more than 4 poems if longer than 3 pages each.
Do you accept online submissions?
Yes! Please visit to submit online.
Do you accept snail mail submissions?
Yes! Please visit for more details.
What do I need to include in my snail mail submission?
• All submissions and correspondence MUST include a self-addressed stamped envelope. We cannot respond to submissions otherwise. Include additional postage if work is to be returned. If submitting the work from outside the US, include an e-mail address for reply; replies will not be sent by post internationally.
• Each submission must be submitted under separate cover, including a SASE for each submission. That is to say, if you would like to send both a poetry and fiction submission, they each must arrive in their own envelopes.
• Simultaneous submissions are okay, but we must be notified promptly of acceptance elsewhere.
• Clearly mark envelope to the appropriate genre editor’s attention (e.g. “Fiction Editor”).
• Include a cover letter and list work titles, previous publications and awards, and a SHORT bio. For receipt confirmation, please include an email address. Explanations of manuscript meaning, theme, or technique are not necessary.
• No handwritten, faxed, or poorly copied/printed manuscripts will be considered.
• Send all correspondence to:
Indiana Review
Ballantine Hall 465
1020 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405-7103
Do you accept unsolicited email submissions?

After Submitting

If my work gets published in IR, do I get paid?
Yes. Payment for publication is $5.00 per page ($10.00 minimum), two contributor’s copies, and the remainder of a year’s subscription.
I need to withdraw my submission. What should I do?
If you have submitted a simultaneous submission that is accepted elsewhere or have another reason to withdraw your submission, we ask that you please include the following information when you contact us:
• Author’s name (and, if submitted by someone else, the name of the person who submitted the work)
• Date on which the work was submitted
• Genre
• Title of the piece
• Whether the work was submitted by post or online

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