Summer 2013

Volume 35, Number 1



Andy Alcala
The Clearing in the Forest, Edouard Vuillard (1936), Cover



CB Anderson
Mavak Tov
2012 Indiana Review Fiction Prize Winner
Quan Barry
The Emperor
J. Bowers
Two on a Horse
Phedra Deonarine
The Birdcatcher
Laura Ender
Luke Fiske
The Man with No Eyes
Mark Jacobs
‘Long About August
Scott Marengo
The Pastor’s Brother
Jessica Masterton
The Sweeper
Misha Rai
Housewives, Mothers
Bruce Holland Rogers
At First Sight
Nancy Stebbins
Mustard Seed
Lindsay Tigue
Michigan Central Station Has Been Closed Since 1988
2012 Indiana Review ½ K Prize Winner
Ryan Trattles
Helpful Products for Family Men: A User’s Guide
Carolyn Watson
The Blue Devil and the Rocket Ship
Brandi Wells
The Person Capable of Judging Lemons


Oliver Bendorf
CM Burroughs
omen one
all definite conditions are senseless
my home having come to this
Stevie Edwards
Nobody Is Lost
Chris Emslie
I May Be a Twin but That Is Not Everything about Me
Christopher Kempf
Indianapolis 500
Keetje Kuipers
Some Advice for Both of Us
In a Sentimental Mood
Shane Lake
We No Longer Speak of the Ghost in the Attic
S.H. Lohmann
Una Pérdida: Santiago
Elizabeth Lyons
Indiana, Post-Harvest
Megan Moriarty
The clowns are leaving soon
Gala Mukomolova
Rabbit I
Punk Temple Regrets
Traci O Connor
Jacques J. Rancourt
Winter’s Grace
Michael Martin Shea
Appendix to a Poem about Maps
Eric Smith
Redacted Minutes from the Ninth of Several Bi-Monthly Meetings of the Department of English, Film, and Media Studies at a Major State University
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
A Song Called Offal


D. Gilson
On Faggot: An Etymology
Heather Kirn Lanier
What They Don’t Tell You about a Wet T-Shirt Contest
Dylan Nice
Mushroom Boys

Kathleen Rooney
An Open Letter to World War I Soldier Alexander Bradley Burns of Downers Grove, Illinois on the Occasion of My Father’s Retirement After Six Years in the United States Air Force Reserves, Plus Twenty More in the U.S. Army Reserves
Eric Tran
Release the Panda Bear


Leslie Marie Aguilar
Looking for The Gulf Motel by Richard Blanco
Ben Bagocius
Animal Eye by Paisley Rekdal
Joe Hiland
Safe as Houses by Marie-Helene Bertino
John Thomas Howard
Bear Down, Bear North: Alaska Stories by Melinda Moustakis
Kien Lam
Maybe the Saddest Thing by Marcus Wicker
Shayla Lawson
If One of Us Should Fall by Nicole Terez Dutton
Cate Lycurgus
The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral by Joshua Corey and G.C. Waldrep
Katie Moulton
Rise by L. Annette Binder
Evelyn Reynolds
Two-Headed Nightingale by Shara Lessley
Cody C. St. Clair
The Overseer’s Cabin by Édouard Glissant, translated by Betsy Wing

8 Responses to Summer 2013: Issue 35.1

  1. [...] poem “Nobody is Lost” is in the Summer 2013 issue of Indiana Review! Can’t wait to get back to Ithaca from touring and check out my contributor copies. Looks [...]

  2. [...] A Literary Journal immediately springs to mind, as does Threepenny Review. I could add others (Indiana Review for instance – I especially recommend the Summer 2013 issue, 35.1, for a story by Phedra [...]

  3. Dave says:

    I just want to order the summer 2013 edition… but, I can’t figure out how to do it on your site.

  4. [...] Indiana Review 35.1 [...]

  5. [...] summer has definitely delivered on another front: my new poems came out in the summer issues of Indiana Review and Rattle!  These are my first real publications. It feels surreal to see my work in such [...]

  6. [...] when I found Ryan Trattles’s story “Helpful Products for Family Men: A User’s Guide” published in Indiana Review, I was immediately hooked. Told in the first person plural, with a [...]

  7. Katie Moulton says:

    Hi Dave! Just go here to place any online order: Thanks!

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