Winter 2012

Volume 34, Number 2




Jenny Fine
Frog with chicken (Cover)
The Saddest Day




James Brubaker
Flavor Flav Travels Through Time and Reads About Himself on Wikipedia
Meghan O’Gieblyn
Like a Lot of Things We Own
Micah Dean Hicks
The Alligators’ Gods
Katherine Perry
In the Age of Terrible Ideas
Becky Hagenston
Daniel DiStefano
The New Neighbor in Barnum & Bailey Retirement City
Amy Schleunes
Gladys in Pieces
Kathryn Kruse
To Receive My Services You Must Be Dying and Alone
Daniel Wessler Riordan
The Earth Will Swallow You
Graham Cotten
Alissa Nutting
Conversation with Thorax
Molly Reid
A Suburban Bestiary
Philip Tate
A Shade of Blue
Teresa Milbrodt
The Hero
Angela Rydell
Brushing Death’s Hair
Elizabeth Hearne
Poor Thing
Kevin O’Cuinn
Out of Kitzbühel
Eliza Robertson
Missing Tiger, Camels Found Alive
Susan Pashman
In the Sunday Paper
Robert Long Foreman
Turkey of the Woods
Carmen Machado




Jesse DeLong
Gong Goes the Bell-Jar Goes the Gong.
Thinking She Could Save At Least the Petals, Bird Fills a Vase with Cider.
Joshua Gottlieb-Miller
The Sublime
2012 Indiana Review Poetry Prize Winner
Anne Barngrover
Seven Hours in Apalachicola
Dana Koster
Sonnet among the Almond Trees
Steve Healey
Essay on Being a Former Professional Bowler
Essay on My Poetry Superfund Cleanup Site
Essay on How Much I Love My Wife
Kimberly Johnson
Book of Hours
Austen Rosenfeld
L.A. Woman
Jesse Damiani
At Port
It Was Either Happening or it Had Already Passed
Jill Osier
After the Butterfly Pavilion
Missy-Marie Montgomery
Adam Day
The Dinner Party
Jennifer Chang
Doom Is the House without the Door
Sean Rys
Inheritance Elegy
Eric Weinstein
Raven’s Progressive Heresies
L. S. Klatt
The Cardboard Fawn
Virginia Konchan
Napoleon Makes an Auction Bid for Van Gogh’s The Starry Night
Greg Wrenn
David Roderick
Akhmatova’s Ashtray
Sally Wen Mao
The White-Haired Girl
Janey Gibilisco
So You Want to Be Human
Somewhere, Part of You is Sleeping
Michael O. Marberry
Windigo, OH
Love Poem
Marilyn Annucci
A Woman in Poland
Emma Törzs
Ahab’s Wife
The Comet
Jenny Xie
Something for Everything




Ander Monson
Introduction to [Biological] Membranes
Jacob Newberry
The Night Is Filled with Orchards, Every Night
Anne Owen Shea
Disappearing Rabbits




Bethany Carlson
Spitshine by Anne Marie Rooney
Doug Paul Case
My Only Wife by Jac Jemc
Nandi Comer
Kingdom Animalia by Aracelis Girmay
Mallory Hellman
Suddenly, a Knock on the Door by Etgar Keret
Deborah Kim
The Reeducation of Cherry Truong by Aimee Phan
Keith Leonard
Stealing History by Gerald Stern
Cate Lycurgus
To See the Earth Before the End of the World by Ed Roberson
Ife-Chudeni A. Oputa
Allegiance by Francine J. Harris
Pablo Piñero Stillmann
Something in My Eye by Michael Jeffrey Lee
Lana Spendl
The Necessity of Certain Behaviors by Shannon Cain
Sarah Suksiri
Earth Works by Scott Russell Sanders
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