Winter 2013

Volume 35, Number 2





Lisa Congdon



Ryan Werner
Shoot Out the Bright Lights
Mabel Yu
Wow and Flutter
Daniel Hornsby
Giant Mechanical Unicorn, Piloted by Children
Tara Wright
The Lives That Come Before You, the Lives That Never End
Helena Bell
The Aliens Made of Glass
Bora Lee Reed
Leaving Pyongyang
Annie Hartnett
Cheek Teeth
Shannon Heffernan
Purple Plus
Jonathan Rovner
You Could Be So Much More
Almudena Grandes
Malena: A Boiled Life (A Partially Auto-Biographical Story) Translated by Catherine Nelson
Nick White
These Heavenly Bodies
Bess Winter
Timur Jonathan Karaca
The Dead Girl
D.J. Thielke
Private Dark


David J. Daniels
Stacey Waite
when today i watch the red tailed hawk
dawn lonsinger
Famine of Hands
Famine of Hands
Karissa Morton
The Frailty of Everything Reveals Itself
G.C. Waldrep
On Setting Myself On Fire
Rosalie Moffet
Love Poem
Claire Sylvester Smith
With Arms
Dorianne Laux
Eric Weinstein
This Is a Recording
Eugenia Leigh
Upon Googling “27,000 People” on September 11, 2011
Kara Candito
The Alien Spouse’s Application
Victor’s Dream on the Plane from Mexico City to Chicago
Jennifer Givhan
Karaoke Night at the Asylum
Caitlin Plunkett
We Look Just Like Each Other
G.C. Waldrep
The Presciptivist
Amy Newman
While Sylvia Plath Hemorrhages after Losing Her Virginity in Cambridge, Robert Lowell Jumps from a Moving Taxicab in Cincinnati
Alysia Nicole Harris
Moths on Loan
Jericho Brown
Nancy Reddy
Big Valley’s Last Surviving Beauty Queen
Carolina Ebeid
Juliet, Black Swan
Danniel Schoonebeek
Jamaal May
The Gun Joke
2013 Indiana Review Poetry Prize Winner
Emily Skaja
Poem to Drag Behind Your Chariot, Ramona


Camellia Freeman
Cartesian Anxiety in a Bleeding I
Kate Jarvik Birch
One More Artificial Organ


Britt Ashley
wine for a shotgun by Marty McConnell
Doug Paul Case
Begging for It by Alex Dimitrov
Joe Hiland
But Our Princess Is in Another Castle by B.J. Best
John Thomas Howard
Down the Rabbit Hole by Juan Pablo Villalobos, translated by Rosalind Harvey
Elizabeth Klehfoth
What You See in the Dark by Manuel Muñoz
Michael Mlekoday
Bury My Clothes by Roger Bonair-Agard
Tori Telfer
And the Hippies Came by Manuel Abreu Adorno

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