2004 ½ K Prize Results

Final Judge: Julianna Baggott


Julianna Baggott is the author of three novels, The Madam (2003), The Miss America Family (2002), and national bestseller Girl Talk (2001), and a poetry collection, This Country of Mothers (2001). The recipient of fellowships from the Delaware Division of Arts and the Ragdale Foundation, among others, her work has appeared in dozens of literary journals including Poetry, Indiana Review, Chelsea, Cream City Review, Quarterly West, as well as in the acclaimed anthology Best American Poetry 2000. She is currently at work on a new volume of poems, Poetry=Dancing Girls.

2004 Indiana Review ½ K Prize Winner

“The Reality Testing Booth”

Sabrina Orah Mark



“Self-Portrait with Crayon”
Allison Benis

“Back into Deer Shocked by the Light”
Melissa Montimurro

Mathias Svalina

“Your Machine”
Shirley Stephenson

“The Oldest White Belt at the Tae Kwon Do Tournament”
Tony Barnstone

Sabrina Orah Mark

“Salmon Bellies”
Jay Taber

“Black Loaves”
Joseph Laizure

“Pillsbury ‘A’ Mill”
Joseph Laizure

“Tiny Kline”
Colette LaBouff Atkinson

“Temple Grandin’s Squeeze Machine”
Deborah Bernhardt

“I Believed If I got Through That Wake There Would Be No Others”
Diane Seuss

We offer our thanks to all who contributed to the success of the 2004 Indiana Review ½ K Prize. All entrants receive a year’s subscription to IR, which will begin with our Summer 2005 issue.

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