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How did you find out about the contest?
Poets & Writers Magazine
Poets & Writers Website
The Writer
IR Website/Blog
AWP Conference
Speakeasy Forum
Other Journal
Word of Mouth

If “Other Journal” or “Other,” please elaborate:

Street Address:

Address line 2:







Submission title:

* Please do not include more than one story per entry fee.

Include a $20 entry fee (for the subscription: overseas addresses, please add
$12 for postage; $7 for addresses in Canada). If payment is made by check, make it payable to Indiana University. Please note: We cannot process checks made out to Indiana Review. If payment made online, please indicate this in the comments section below, including the date on which you made your payment. In accordance with Indiana University policy, we cannot accept money orders or accept checks drawn on foreign banks or in foreign funds.

Your entry fee entitles you to a one-year subscription to IR. In the comments section below, provide us with any additional information we might need to process your subscription. (For example, if the subscription should be given as a gift, then note this, along with who will the recipient will be.)

If you have any additional questions or comments for the editors of IR, please include them here.

When you have finished filling out the entry form, select “File” and then “Print” and include a copy of the form with your submission and entry fee.


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