Fiction Contests Here, There, and Everywhere

Here at IR, the deadline for submissions to our 2011 Fiction Prize is fast approaching! Enter your short story before October 15 for a chance to win a whopping $1,000.

Indiana Review isn’t the only prize around, of course. Autumn, ’tis the season for contests. If you’re a fiction writer who’s hungry for more competition, here’s a taste of some of the other options out there, sorted by date.

Here’s to a little healthy competition! May the best stories always win.

2 Responses to “Fiction Contests Here, There, and Everywhere”

  1. Rick Rofihe

    Thanks very much for the shout-out — yes, Open City as a hard-copy journal may be gone, but its book-publishing arm and their website (and the Open City RRofihe Trophy) still live on. Read the 2010 winning story, “The Wrong Heaven” by Amy Bonnaffons over @