Убедитесь, что у вас есть рабочее зеркало Вавада для непрерывного игрового опыта.

Blue Light: Extreme Makeover Edition

If you’re a fan of muu-muus that make Goodwill look like Givenchy, this one’s not to be missed.

After much deliberation this week (Ernest Hemingway? Seamus Heaney? Pusheen the cat?), the Indiana Review Blue Light has received its winter makeover! Modeled after our new and wonderful Winter 2012 cover (Jenny Fine’s “Frog with chicken”), our light now has a new set of clothes to last through the holiday season. Made with four parts construction paper, one part origami, and a pinch of misguided love, it’s the next best thing to the boxes of Issue 34.2 in our office.

The Blue Light is also related to the Bluecast, our podcast featuring IR contributors. The previous Blue Light design was Miranda Hoegberg’s Mark Twain this past summer.