Meet the Interns

While the Editors are away at AWP, the interns have free reign of the office. And since we’re here answering emails and generally keeping the place from burning down, we thought we’d introduce ourselves.

Tess C Name: Tess Callero. Well technically Theresa but I like to forget that my mom decided that was a good idea.

  Position at IR: Prize Intern

  Major: Marketing and English

Where ya from? The greatest town north of Chicago–Arlington Heights, IL.

Genre of writing: Short Fiction

Favorite living author: Can I say J.K. Rowling? Because I want to say J.K. Rowling. #HarryPotter4evr

Favorite guilty pleasure: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Or The Bachelor. I have a soft spot for reality television and yes, I am ashamed.

Oreos: cookie or cream? Cookies AND Cream (like the ice cream).

Why IR ?

I love that IR treats all authors the same. It doesn’t matter if you have been published or if this is your first submission, each piece of work is treated equally. Plus, it’s probably the best place to work on campus.

Lauren Conkling Profile Pic  Name: Lauren Conkling

Position at IR: Publicity & Web Intern

Major: English with a focus in creative writing; French minor

Where ya from? Newburgh, IN

Genre of writing : Fiction

Favorite living author: It’s really hard for me to pick just one, but Orson Scott Card is near the top.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Watching BBC Sherlock

Oreos: cookie or cream? Cream, I suppose…?

Why IR?

I took a class here at IU called Literary Editing and Publishing, and we spent class time talking with various presses and journals (on Skype or phone), as well as several of the current editors on staff at IR. I thought being an intern at IR sounded like a great experience!


 Name:Amber Hendricks

 Position at IR: Contracts Intern.

 Major:English. With a side of Sociology.

 Where ya from? Nowhere. And everywhere. I’m an army brat.

Genre of writing: Fiction. Playwriting. My poetry still whines to this day.

Favorite living author: Stephanie Vaughn.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Pretty Little Liars. I’m sorry. I am.

Oreos, cookie or cream?  You must have both. You must drown Oreos in milk long enough that they fuse together and become one.

Why IR?

Indiana Review has published amazing, eccentric pieces that have influenced my own work immensely. I expected to learn a lot from editors and writers who share my taste in unconventional work, and I have. Basically: I worship them.

Katie S   Name: Katie Swintz

 Position at IR: Subscriptions Intern

 Major: English & Comparative Literature, possibly a minor in Linguistics

Where ya from? Indianapolis, more specifically the west side, more specifically the east side of Avon. But no one knows where that is, so- Indianapolis.

Genre of writing: I am not “technically speaking” a creative writer. More like an irregular, aspirational, dabbler in fiction.

Favorite living author: I read a lot of dead people because I’ve spent the last few years playing catch up with the classics, but I like Rushdie and Isabelle Allende.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Cake Boss

Oreos: cookie or cream? I come from a Double-Stuffed family.

Why IR?

I spent most of a semester fangirling over IR in a class taught by one of the previous editors before I applied. I liked the atmosphere, I loved the writing, and it sounded like something I wanted to be a part of. The whole thing has just been awesome.

This has been Katie’s convoluted way of helping to settle an ongoing Oreo debate.