Убедитесь, что у вас есть рабочее зеркало Вавада для непрерывного игрового опыта.

Obligatory AWP Post

This is me right now:


I love AWP. The book-fair. The celebrity poets. The parties. The dancing. The panel at 9:00 am you managed to wake up for because your favorite novelist is speaking. All of it. One giant ball of love. AND IT OPENS IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS. Here are some last-minute things you should know:

Indiana Review is at Table i1. That’s right next to the cafe/bar. That may have influenced our purchasing decisions regarding the free swag we’ve got for you.

If you’re an IR contributor, please be sure to stop by our table. That’s Table i1. We’d like to take your picture. Because your words are beautiful and you’re beautiful. Please be sure to wear green and put as much product in your hair as you can*.

If you’ve never been to Boston before, take some time to explore the city. Our friends at Ploughshares have put together a comprehensive series of posts detailing where you should go. We trust them.

We’re not quite sure where our friends at Sycamore Review will be at the book-fair, but we do know they’re going to do a kissing booth**. The password for a smooch is “frogman.”

…more after the jump!

Poet and former contributor Eduardo C. Corral has threatened to flip our table over. Feel free to encourage him not to (or, to!) and help protect us.

The official conference Twitter hashtag is #AWP13. We would like you to use it so we can stalk you.

You should really stop by our table. That’s Table i1. Right next to the bar.

Doug, our web editor (that’s me!), has lots of dark hair and will probably be wearing blue glasses. He’d like you to say hi to him specifically, wherever you spot him, so he can feel famous.

Don’t eat anything funny before your flight.

Check out this Tumblr that’s got all the tips you need to not die during the conference.

…and a few more from associate poetry editor Kien Lam:

Nothing can stop you from having fun if you decide you only want to do fun things. Leave if it’s not fun.

Just buy the book on Thursday or Friday or whatever. It’s only going to be a couple bucks cheaper on Sunday and it might be sold out and who wants to run errands on the last day?

If you go to a reading and start thinking about food or something else, go get food or do something else.

Visit Indiana Review, home of the most attractive editorial staff in the country, and possibly the universe, but we’re modest so we won’t go so far as to make the latter claim. Our table is Table i1. Right next to the bar.

…and I think that’s everything, but who knows because I’M SO EXCITED.

*Actually, just wear what you’re wearing. That’s what we’ll be wearing!

**This has not been confirmed by their editors, but we encourage you to try.