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IR Online Poetry: “Y” by Carly Olszewski


after Carl Phillips

by Carly Olszewski

Several questions past
that of when and where

laid a fork in the road
to say go, but Y

is still for the sturdy
turkey wishbone,

the new tree branch
growing outside

that slowly grows closer
to you, the gazer

out the window, not yet
the view those eyes

will meet. Y,
as in martini glass,

anyone’s fingers, any peace-
ful pair of two, my

arms above your head
reaching up, Y

water floods down, where
the two rivers

join, meeting, and
now, together. Y, not

look as the zipper moves
down the dress, or

as the necklace dangles
down the center of my chest,

but here too, when
the stethoscope counts

your half-living, half-dying
life, where I

sometimes trace along
the contour of your nose, up

across your eyebrows, and
think I decide to stay. Y is all

I keep meaning
to answer.


Carly Olszewski is a junior Biology major and pre-medical student at Stanford University. She is the Director of Recruitment and Volunteer Education at the local Veteran’s Hospital, as well as the copy editor for Stanford’s fashion and culture magazine, MINT Magazine. She enjoys running, hiking, and attending music concerts in her free time.

One Response to “IR Online Poetry: “Y” by Carly Olszewski”

  1. Robin Gorder

    This poem is absolutely incredible. It touches my heart, it touches my soul.