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2016 Poetry Prize Twitter Contest!


Remember how much fun you had playing Mad Libs as a kid? Well, IR is bringing it back. As a warm-up for our 2016 Poetry Prize, we’re challenging you to fill in the blanks. Show us a poetic masterpiece you can create with your chosen nouns, verbs, and adjectives!

The IR-Lib prompt:

  • When I say <NOUN> what I mean is <NOUN>. / It’s <ADJECTIVE> to <VERB> / how something <VERB> on your <BODY PART>. #IRPoetryPrize
  • When I say love what I mean is lust. / It’s easy to forget / how something tastes on your tongue. #IRPoetryPrize

To enter this contest, please reply to our tweet and fill in the brackets with your own unique words! We’re looking for the most inventive, hilarious, heart-breaking Mad Lib poems that you can dream up. Make sure to include #IRPoetryPrize in your tweet!

Our favorite titles will win free entry to our 2016 $1K poetry prize, a grab bag of Indiana Review swag, and a notable mention on our blog! Twitter contest entries are due by March 21, so get to work!

Good luck! And don’t forget to submit to our 2016 Poetry Prize judged by the incredible Camille Rankine. The Prize submission deadline is April 1, 2016 at Midnight EST.

One Response to “2016 Poetry Prize Twitter Contest!”

  1. Nancy Ellingson

    Is the wording of the IR- Lib prompt to be the same other than the noun/adjective/verb additions?