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Announcing Our 2016 Poetry Prize Winner!

We are proud to announce that judge Camille Rankine has selected “His Father’s Wake” by Alicia Wright as the winner of Indiana Review‘s 2016 Poetry Prize! Thank you to everyone who submitted their work for consideration and made this year’s Prize possible. “His Father’s Wake” will appear in our Winter 2016 Issue.

2016 Poetry Prize Winner:

“His Father’s Wake”
Alicia Wright

Camille Rankine says about the winning piece: “What strikes me first about ‘His Father’s Wake’ is the unmoored energy of it. The phrases drift and crash into one another. They collide, they ricochet and spin away. These movements make a voice that is both wild and deliberate, steady and reckless in turn. The effect is captivating. I feel each shift and slow and quickening in my breath, in my heart’s beat.”


“Witch Questions the So-Called Higher Power” by Annah Browning

“Abduction” by Cara Dees

“Kaleidoscope” by Rochelle Hurt

“The First Year We Lived Underground” by Anna Leigh Knowles

“Self Portrait as Siren, as Fig” by Clare Paniccia

“To Body for its Apertures” by Avia Tadmor

“Hibernation” by Talin Tahajian

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