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The IR 1/2 K Prize champions the art of concision, as we consider work of any genre of 500 words or less. This Twitter contest highlights the importance of concision by turning the tables. For ages, authors have mastered this art by capturing the essence of their work in a few short words: the title.

For this contest we want you to unspool titles of works of fiction or poetry. Make a pun on the original title, ruin a book for others with too much information: the power is yours. Be sure to hashtag the title of the work you’re spoofing along with #IRHalfK. Entries are due by Monday, August 1, 12 PM EST.

Example Tweets:

  • The wonderful, magnificent, rich man who after an identity crisis and a name change comes to be known as Gatsby #Gatsby #IRHalfK
  • Baby gets attacked by evil wizard but all he has to show for it is a weirdly specific scar and dead parents #HarryPotter #IRHalfK
  • Don’t even bother reading these, everyone is dead #GOT #IRHalfK

One lucky (and clever) winner will receive a free entry into our 2016 1/2K Prize and an IR Prize Pack. Our favorite runner-ups will also receive an IR Prize pack and, most importantly, winners will be glorified forever in our blog posts and on our twitter page.

Happy spoofing to you all and don’t forget to showcase your talents further by entering our 1/2K Prize!