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2017 1/2 K Twitter Contest!

The IR ½ K Prize is all about writing concisely to meet that 500 word limit. Writing with constraints can be a fun way to encourage the experimentation that short forms allow. One type of constraint is called a lipogram, where a work avoids using a particular letter or group of letters. For example, Ernest Vincent Wright wrote his 50,000 word novel, Gadsby, without using the letter ‘e’ one time.

For this summer’s twitter contest, we at Indiana Review are asking you to follow in Ernest Wright’s footsteps: Tweet us a line of original poetry without using the letter ‘e’. Be sure to hashtag your poetry with #IRHalfK. Entries are due by Monday, July 24, 10 AM EST.

Example Tweets:

  • Wright built a world of wood planks and iron pillars / without a solitary nail, it looms. #IRHalfK
  • Traipsing days and groggy months / what awaits is a shadow / in crumbling asylums. #IRHalfK
  • I don’t miss it / that traitorous 5th symbol of my ABCs / its foul curl and dangling tail #IRHalfK

One lucky (and clever) winner will receive a free entry into our 2017 1/2K Prize and an IR Prize Pack. Our favorite runner-ups will also receive an IR Prize pack and, most importantly, winners will be glorified forever in our blog posts and on our twitter page.

Exclude those e’s, and don’t forget to showcase your talents further by entering our 1/2K Prize!