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2017 Fiction Prize Twitter Contest: #SpookyIR

The 2017 Fiction Prize is in full swing! We’re getting submissions of short stories from all over, and now it’s your turn to give something a little shorter a try. Instead of the 8,000 word limit, what about 140 characters? For this fall’s Twitter contest, we at Indiana Review are asking you to take a special interest in our DEADline of October 31st.

Are you dressing up this Halloween? Share your costume with us! But share it by using your costume as a character in a tweet-sized spooky story. Be sure to hashtag your story with #SpookyIR. Entries are due by Wednesday, October 18, 10 AM EST.

Example Tweets:

  • A growl sounded from around the corner. Slowly, surely, it crept to me: Doge. It spoke. “Much scare. Wow. Such Halloween.” #SpookyIR
    • (I’m going as the doge meme for Halloween)
  • With a trembling hand, I reach up to touch my cheek, but pull away when I feel blood oozing down my hand. Carrie makeup is messy. #SpookyIR
  • Wind howled through the dark alley, chilling me to my core. Marilyn Monroe had a hard job, I thought as I pushed my skirt down. #SpookyIR

One lucky (and clever) winner will receive a free entry into our 2017 Fiction Prize and an IR Prize Pack. Our favorite runner-ups will also receive IR Prize packs and, most importantly,will achieve eternal glory in our blog posts and on our Twitter page.

Send shivers down our spines, and don’t forget to showcase your talents further by entering the Fiction Prize by October 31!

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