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Announcing the 2018 Poetry Prize Winner!


We are excited to announce that the winner of the 2018 Poetry Prize is Jan Verberkmoes for her poem “Elegy as Conditionality: Hornets Building.” Many thanks to everyone who submitted their work and made this year’s prize possible. The winning poem and a few finalists will appear in our Winter 2018 issue.

2018 Poetry Prize Winner:

“Elegy as Conditionality: Hornets Building” by Jan Verberkmoes

Gabrielle Calvocoressi says about the winning piece: “I love how I fall immediately into the act of making (and unmaking) in the poem ‘Elegy as Conditionality.’ There’s such a lovely fracturing of the line and a sense that anything could be about to happen. How all that breakage can happen in a poem that still feels expertly wrought is a real lesson to me. I’d like to see more work by this poet. For sure.”


Runners Up

“Ode to the Peacock,” Benjamin Garcia

“Neti Neti,” Rushi Vyas


“Hearing Loss,” Noah Baldino

“What Will Happen,” Leila Chatti

“How Easily the Lancet,” Ruth Madievsky

“Cephalophore,” Daniel Schonning

“Hand Me My Leather,” Gale Marie Thompson

“Like Birds We Migrated,” Grace Wang

“Treatise on Fallen Fruit,” Keith S. Wilson