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Announcing the 2018 1/2 K Prize Winner

Indiana Review is thrilled to announce that the winner of our 1/2K Prize is Brian Sneeden for “Other Fountains.”

The prize was open to any piece under 500 words. A huge thanks to everyone who submitted and made this year’s prize a success.


2018 1/2K Winner

“Other Fountains” by Brian Sneeden

“Other Fountains” gives us the dark and light of humanity in a language that holds new words for hunger and lust and animal and childhood. It captures a mysticism, a wonder, and something that at first glance might be seen as disregard for another life, but instead it’s the opposite. It’s praise; a hymn sung in the voice of a bull.” — Bryan Borland and Seth Pennington, Sibling Rivalry Press



“Parade Street” by January Iyer

“Graft” by Beth Steidle



“Legible” by Wren Hanks

“The Public is Invited to See the Yew Trees in Full Fruit at This Time” by Carolyn Oliver

“The Host” by Emma Sciantarelli

“the floods of summer 2018” by Xiao Yue Shan

“Near Drowning” by Jan Wallace

“I am not prepared for the inverse of this” by Renia White

“Bob Being a Manhole” by Scott Withiam


Stay tuned for more prize and submission opportunities.