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Announcing the 2022 Fiction Prize Winner

We are delighted to announce the winner, runner-up, and finalists of Indiana Review‘s 2022 Fiction Prize, judged by K-Ming Chang.


“Two People” by Ben Francisco

Here’s what K-Ming Chang had to say about Ben’s story:

“Two People” is wondrous and strange, as slippery and mysterious as an underwater creature. It’s stunningly attuned to the elusiveness of intimacy, belonging, and desire. It explores the multiplicity of selfhood and the limitations/expansive possibilities of being known (and of knowing oneself). This story is captivating and uncanny, philosophical and funny, meditative and urgent: in short, as multifaceted as existence itself. I read it with rapture and awe. There’s a description of a beast that moves with “sacred beauty,” and this story is an embodiment of those words. It’s pure alchemy, written with precision and pulsing with life, and I was completely submerged inside its language. Readers will come out of it entranced and transformed.


“Samples” – Alexandria Juarez


“Even If You Killed Someone” – Chad Fore

“Goats” – R.W. Hartshorn

“Young Blood” – Tori Malcangio

“Bendiciones” – A.J. Rodriguez

“Two People” will appear in Indiana Review issue 44.2, forthcoming in Winter 2022. Thanks so much to K-Ming Chang and to everyone who supported our prize this year!