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Issue 44.2 – Winter 2022/23

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Cover Art

Corey Pemberton, TT, I’m so done with you


Jeannetta Craigwell-Graham, “Sunbathing is Forbidden in the Graveyard”

Ben Francisco, “Two People”
Winner of the 2022 Fiction Prize

Daniel Galef, “ALEA”

R. W. Hartshorn, “Goats”

Alexandria Juarez, “Samples”

Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr., “Over the River”


Siew David Hii, “Kneeling for the Ring”

Tala Khanmalek, “On Language”

Aekta Khubchandani, “More than Trees

Jabulile Mickle-Molefe, “The Future Is Semantic”

Steffan Triplett, “Disgregate”

Emily Weitzman, “Textual Analysis”


Jessica Abughattas, “Beauty”

Nadia Q. Ahmad, “Ghazal: Screw Patience”

Ashna Ali, “A Word of Advice for Bearing Late Capitalism” and “Ode to Bumblebees Defiant in Summer”

Sarah Ghazal Ali, “On Seeing”

Aida Bardissi, “breaking bread” and “aswan ghazal”

Samiya Bashir, “Lethe,” “Phlegethon,” and “Acheron”

Mark Anthony Cayanan, “Dramaticule: Faith Is Relentless Agreement”

Franny Choi, “September, 2001”

Donte Collins, “Abecedarian at the End of the World” and “Still Life with Birth Certificate”
Winner of the 2022 Poetry Prize

Mele Girma, “pollen”

Dabin Jeong, “My Mother’s Sisters – IV”

Molly Johnsen, “After the Grocery Store”

Alexa Luborsky, “Crossword,” “April 24,” and “Excavation Site at Auschwitz”

Joyelle McSweeney, “Death Styles 8.21.20,” “Death Styles 8.13.20,” and “Death Styles 8.11.20 + 8.12.20”

Jasmine Reid, “not a suicide note,” “at 26, hugs are dangerous,” and “she harvests herself”

Monica Rico, “In the presence of the matriarch”

Alafia Nicole Sessions, “Villanelle as Portrait of Upright Melanated Mammal at Mid-Life”

Jess X. Snow, “Gazing at the Grand Canyon from the Moon”

Rosie Stockton, “Deconstitutional Rite”

Jenevieve Ting, “Second Nomenclature” and “Against Extinction”


Azo Vauguy, excerpts from Zakwato and Loglêdou’s Peril
Translated by Todd Fredson