Cover Art

Wondermakers No. 61, The Wondermakers Collective



A Little Give, Liz Howey

The Van Druezen Face, Moss Perricone

The Hounds of X, Lee Upton



Imagine You're Not Alone, Aline Mello

RollerCoaster Tycoon®: What Happened on the Second Millicoaster, Rainie Oet

Bob Being a Manhole, Scott Withiam



The Sound of Nothing, Paige Towers

Dark Storage, Lauren W. Westerfield




When former Editor-in-Chief Essence London joined the Indiana Review senior staff summer 2017, she launched the Sneak Peek feature. The idea is that subscribers have the chance to read a few pieces from the upcoming issue to get them excited about it; also, potential readers and anyone without the funds to buy an issue will have some access to the wonderful writing they're missing out on in print. If the work here interests you, please support the writers by sharing it on social media or support Indiana Review by purchasing a copy. 41.1 includes a collaborative folio with Split Lip Magazine and will be available mid-May 2019.