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Be Right Back – Currently in Seattle.

The editors of Indiana Review are thrilled to be joining the dynamic community of readers, writers, editors, and publishers at AWP in Seattle this year! Stop by to visit us at table S5 in the BookfairWe’ll have great swag, be happy to see you, and along with a selection of old issues we’ll have copies of our new issue for sale, featuring work by Annie Hartnett, Ryan Werner, G.C. Waldrep, Jamaal May, and other great writers. We hope to see you—contributors, writers, readers—there!

Close out your February with us at our RUN-AWP event, a basketball game and reading we’ll be co-hosting with O, Miami on Friday the 28th from 4:00 until 6:00. Interested in learning more? Of course you are. Check out more event details here.

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Sleepless in (wait for it…) SEATTLE: AWP 2014!


I’ve never seen Sleepless in Seattle, but I’m going to be living it in a few days, when the Association of Writers and Writing Program’s annual conference takes the city in a fever. I already know the plot: twenty-something writer spends too much money on journals and suffers awful totebag handburn while sprinting between readings—that manic, desperate running typically seen in romantic comedies. Also: not sleeping. If you’ll be at the conference, here are a list of things you should probably check out. Read more…

Obligatory AWP Post

This is me right now:


I love AWP. The book-fair. The celebrity poets. The parties. The dancing. The panel at 9:00 am you managed to wake up for because your favorite novelist is speaking. All of it. One giant ball of love. AND IT OPENS IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS. Here are some last-minute things you should know:

Indiana Review is at Table i1. That’s right next to the cafe/bar. That may have influenced our purchasing decisions regarding the free swag we’ve got for you.

If you’re an IR contributor, please be sure to stop by our table. That’s Table i1. We’d like to take your picture. Because your words are beautiful and you’re beautiful. Please be sure to wear green and put as much product in your hair as you can*.

If you’ve never been to Boston before, take some time to explore the city. Our friends at Ploughshares have put together a comprehensive series of posts detailing where you should go. We trust them.

We’re not quite sure where our friends at Sycamore Review will be at the book-fair, but we do know they’re going to do a kissing booth**. The password for a smooch is “frogman.”

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AWP: What Is It Good For?


We go.

We freefall down the rabbit hole. We squish like funhouse mirrors in hotel lobbies and conference room floors, and we shrink to pinpricks in grand ballrooms. We rubberneck and get cowed and chicken out. We chase the fat cats. We heed advice from caterpillars. We drink and grow big; we drink and grow small. We shake and shimmy and scrimp, scribble and scrabble. We talk and we talk about writing, but for three lost days at the mad tea-party, we do not write.


So why do we do it? AWP: What is it good for?


We can’t answer for all ten thousand writers, editors, publishers, students, teachers, and lovers of literature who will attend (and the thought of trying makes us dizzy), so we’ll tell you what we look forward to at AWP:


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Back Issues in Boston

It’s late February, which means that those of you not entirely preoccupied with polishing your poesy for our Poetry Prize (poets like alliteration, right?) are probably thinking more and more about heading to Boston for AWP, which is coming up in…holy crap, it’s next week! And I haven’t even picked out my tuxedo yet.

Besides the boozing and schmoozing (do poets still like rhyme?), one of the best parts about AWP is the Bookfair. I like having the opportunity to meet those of you who read IR and submit your work to us, and I also like meeting the editors of others journals I’m fond of. But I especially like that the journals at the Bookfair sell their back issues for low, low prices that help to somewhat offset the cost of my tuxedo rental.

IR will of course be offering our own array of back issues at the Bookfair, and I thought I’d take a few minutes to give you one good reason to buy each of the back issues we’ll have at our table. So here’s a quick look at some of my favorite stories that have appeared in the pages of IR over the last few years: Read more…