Additional Contributor Copies

Contributors may purchase additional copies of the issue(s) their work was published in at a discounted rate. If you have been published in more than one issue, or your PayPal information differs from your contributor information, please send us an email (with the subject line “Additional Contributor Copies”) indicating which issue you were a contributor in and are purchasing additional copies of.

Summer 2020 Volume 42, Number 1

Issue 42.1 finds us between dinner menus and incessantly shifting landscapes. Thick with familial archives and rapidly spreading vegetation, these pieces are incisive, but never static. Work by Amy Lam, Alyssa Proujansky, Keith S. Wilson, and many more! Find more by cover artist Therrious Davis at

Winter 2019 Volume 41, Number 2

Issue 41.2 is a trip and meditation on time, traveling through amusement parks, therapy algorithms, history, and more. Work by Sally Wen Mao, Angie Mazakis, Nina Yun, and many more! Find work by cover artist Kristen Radtke at

Summer 2019 Volume 41, Number 1

In this issue, we feature the Collaborative Voices folio—a partnership with Split Lip Magazine–that ponders collectivism, tenderness, and America. 41.1 also includes stories by Liz Howey, Janalyn Guo, Lee Upton; poems by Aline Mello, Rainie Oet, David Trinidad; essays by John Cotter, D. Gilson, Paige Towers; and so much more. Find our cover artists at

 41.1 Sneak Peek accessible from the main menu

Winter 2018 Volume 40, Number 2

This issue has many pieces, prose and poetry, that strike a balance between violence and beauty. Included, poems by Alison C. Rollins, Mikko Harvey, and Meghann Plunkett; stories by Jung Yun, Rachel Kondo, and Kartika Budhwar; essays by Elizabeth DeMeo and Migueltzinta C. Solís. 40.2 also features two collaborations–please read the pieces by Molly McCully Brown & Susannah Nevison and Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton if you’re excited about the Indiana Review/Split Lip issue available Summer 2019!

 40.2 Sneak Peek accessible from the main menu