Summer 2018 Volume 40, Number 1

This issue includes our special FUTURES FOLIO where writers like Terrance Hayes, Justin Phillip Reed, Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice, and Amelia Brunskill grapple with the question of what awaits us. Here in the pages of 40.1, you’ll also find powerful poems by Taylor Johnson, Sun Yung Shin, and Christopher Soto; memorable stories by Callan Wink, Scott Garson, and Salvatore Pane; and compelling nonfiction by Brenna Womer, Amanda Giracca, and Christopher Kempf. This issue additionally features our 2017 1/2 K Prize winner, “Arabic Lesson” by Latifa Ayad.

Winter 2017 Volume 39, Number 2

This issue includes haunting poetry by Natalie Scenters-Zapico, Jennifer Givhan, and Brad Trumpfheller; memorable stories by Katie M. Flynn, John Haggerty, and Becky Adnot-Haynes; alongside timely nonfiction by Siân Griffiths, Wendy A. Gaudin, and Tessa Mellas. 39.2 also features a translation by Maaz Bin Bilal and three of Indiana Review‘s current Pushcart nominations: Courtney Bird’s “Liam and the Head,” Kimberly King Parson’s “Nothing Before Something,” and Kristen Steenbeeke’s “Apocalypse Dream Again.”

Summer 2017 Volume 39, Number 1

This issue includes striking poetry by sam sax, Elisa Karbin, and Tiana Clark; compelling stories by Meron Hadero, Katie Cortese, and Jaclyn Dwyer; alongside powerful nonfiction by Eve L. Ewing, LaTanya McQueen, and A.N. Casey. 39.1 also features Rachael Peckham, winner of the 2016 1/2 K Prize judged by Aimee Nezhukumatathil, and our METALLIC GRIT Special Folio, which celebrates the resilience and hybridity of writing by authors including Brenda Peynado, Oliver de la Paz, and Sheila Squillante. This issue is in memory of Louise Rarick, dedicated reader for Indiana Review since 1997.