Winter 2016 Volume 38, Number 2

This issue includes beautiful poetry by Meg Day, Shireen Madon, and Talin Tahajian; wonderful stories by Michael Noll, Alex Madison, and Kendra Fish; alongside compelling nonfiction by Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Amy Blakemore, and Jennifer Murvin. 38.2 also features Simon Han, winner of the 2015 Fiction Prize judged by Laura van den Berg, and Alicia Wright, winner of the 2016 Poetry Prize judged by Camille Rankine.

Summer 2016 Volume 38, Number 1

Our first GHOST theme issue features excellent poetry by Franny Choi, Kasey Erin Phifer-Byrne, Raena Shirali, and Annah Browning; beautiful fiction by Mai Nardone, Nghiem Tran, and Kerry Cullen, alongside compelling nonfiction by Caitlyn Luce Christensen, Dominic Russ-Combs, and Alysia Sawchyn. The issue features Nghiem Tran, the winner of the 2015 1/2K Prize selected by judge Kim Chinquee.

Winter 2015 Volume 37, Number 2

This issue features excellent poetry by Jim Whiteside, Kendra DeColo, and Caitlin Scarano; impelling fiction by Kim Chinquee, Daneille Lazarin, Maria Adelmann, and Gabrielle Hovendon, alongside beautiful nonfiction by Tarfia Faizullah, Adrienne Perry, and John Murillo III. The issue features the winners of our 2015 Poetry and 2015 Nonfiction Prizes.

Summer 2015 Volume 37, Number 1

This issue features excellent poetry by Richard Siken, Meg Freitag, and Karen Skolfield; big-hearted fiction by Halimah Marcus, Vincent Scarpa, and Ben Hoffman, alongside compelling nonfiction by Amy Collini and Janelle DolRayne. We are also proud to present a collaborative special folio on graphic memoir, featuring new work from Douglas Kearney, Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Arwen Donahue, and others.

Winter 2014 Volume 36, Number 2

This issue features outstanding poetry by Traci Brimhall, Danez Smith, and Nicole Cooley; innovative fiction by Nicky Beer, A. A. Srinivasan, and Catherine Carberry along with compelling nonfiction by Matthew Gavin Frank and Kathryn Nuernberger. We are also proud to present a collaborative special folio on poet Amiri Baraka, featuring archival material from Indiana University’s Lilly Library and new work from Patricia Smith, Roger Reeves, avery r. young and others.