Summer 2022, Volume 44, Number 1

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Cover Art

Bhasha Chakrabarti, I’m Just a Poor Fool That’s Bluer
than Blue Can Be and Blue Notes VI


Natanya Biskar, "Dr. Bloch Takes His Rest"

Taryn Bowe, "Camp Emeline"

Desmond Everest Fuller, "Where It Comes From" 

Sharon Hashimoto, "Slippage"

Ra’Niqua Lee, "Your Next Girlfriend Has PCOS"

Kayla Lightner, "Secret Menu Items" 


Susanna Childress, "Flip of the Switch: A Glossary of Disordered Sleep & Love"

grace (ge) gilbert, "Song of the Apostates" 

Evan J. Massey, "The Grass Crown: A Coronation"

Lucy McBee, "How to Ready Your Bones"

Rose Nguyễn, "To Speak, to Sing," Winner of the 2021 Creative Nonfiction Prize



Kay Ulanday Barrett, "The end of the world means trans bois sprout from sequins" 

Ariana Benson, "Aubade After Earth," 2021 ½ K Prize Finalist 

Joshua Burton, "The Hearing We Inherit," 2021 ½ K Prize Finalist 

Jason B. Crawford, "When I finally leave New York, I am going to burn everything," 2021 ½ K Prize Finalist

M.K. Foster, "Thunderbird"

Therese Gleason, "Fashion Statement" 

francine j. harris, "Chicken," "Mastry (or Frontal Tuberosity)"

Sadia Hassan, "Self Portrait as Ophelia Floating in the River," 2021 ½ K Prize Finalist

Ruth Ellen Kocher, "god of worship," "in regard to beginning," "our agreeable end" 

Chantel Massey, "i can tell you," 2021 ½ K Prize Finalist

Sihle Ntuli, "Thukela"

Karisma Price, "Sempiternal: To the Future of a Crescent City"

Joy Priest, "The Black Outside"

heidi andrea restrepo rhodes, "Broken Body Alluvium," "Sonnet for the Study of Extreme Illusion Machined into the Highest Degree of Sacredness"

Sanam Sheriff, "Not forgetting, but choosing to," Winner of the 2021 ½ K Prize 

Dāshaun Washington, "when mama wept," 2021 ½ K Prize Finalist

Danielle P. Williams, "When people tell me that dancing hula makes you exotic," 2021 ½ K Prize Finalist

Sandra M. Yee, "after her latest stroke my aunt sounds like Gertrude Stein" 


Allison Albino, "The In Between of Sleep" 

Elliot Alpern, "Extraordinary Phenomena" 

Celeste Chen, "While Emerging from the Courts of Hell, Dong Xian Thinks about Cut Sleeves"

Devon Halliday, "Any Day Now"

Kira K. Homsher, "Network Support"

Caroline M. Mar, "高 祖 父 : A Correspondence : 太 爺"

Patricia Patterson, "Lucia Left Guadalajara and This Is What Happened After" 

Petra Salazar, "listen"



Shreya Fadia

Associate Editor

Bernardo Wade

Fiction Editor

Sophie Stein

Associate Fiction Editors

Gen Kwon

Jessica Masi

Poetry Editor

Samandar Ghaus

Nonfiction Editor

Tyler Raso


Jacie Andrews

Kat Carlton

Meredith Carroll

Laura Dzubay

Ezra X. Fox

Yi-Chen Andrea Lay

Wenxi Li

David Park

Alberto Sveum

El Williams III

Gisselle Yepes


Ellie Carter

Meghan Corwin

Marly Gamil

Alex Hardgrave


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