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Убедитесь, что у вас есть рабочее зеркало Вавада для непрерывного игрового опыта.
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IR Online Poetry: “stain” by Bria Goeller

an apology, black
rips through napkins
like footsteps of a serrated knife

small bones scramble
on shaking hands and knees
slipping on panic
climbing under sheets strung from the horns of chairs
pinched between the door and the wall
squeezed until they bled down, dribbling darkness
the last
the light, white
screeching its stiletto surrender
crying out a terrifying release
grabbed by the void of screaming sludge
and squeezed
like orange juice

somewhere far away
milk is poured into a beer glass
an apology


Bria is just a dedicated student of life attempting to understand this profound experiment that is being human – whether through paper, a shiny black lens, the strings of an instrument, or the tiny blinking cursor on a computer screen. Her hope is that her art (in whatever form it chooses to manifest itself) inventively and somewhat adequately expresses the intensity of this world. She is inspired by the beauty of everyday life and strives to contribute a new perspective to the immense and timeless exploration of life. She is currently pursuing an English/Creative Writing and Interdisciplinary Studies double major at Emory University in Atlanta.