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IR Online Editors’ Note


When we began this project, we wanted to give voice to writers we don’t often see in literary journals. In the hyper-competitive world of literary publishing, emerging, undergraduate writers do not always have the opportunity to gain their first footholds. We wanted to help change that.

Although this is the first semester that we have endeavored on such a project, we have had an overwhelming response. We received hundreds of fiction and poetry submissions from around the globe in a very short of period time, and we have been roundly impressed by the quality of work undergraduates are producing. It is through the tremendous support of Indiana Review, Indiana University faculty, and our fellow students that we were able to have the privilege of reading so many great works and publishing the authors here, and we want to express our gratitude for the opportunity. We hope that literary and academic communities will continue to engage undergraduates in all facets of this important work, and we hope you enjoy the pieces in this edition as much as we do.


Fiction Committee Chair

Megan Riner


Fiction Committee

Allison Brown

Rachel Hammond

Brigid Phillips

Cara Trent

Lauren Weidenger


Poetry Committee Chair

Silas Coghill


Poetry Committee

Joe Aronson

Kate Bruni

Mackenzie Clinger

Caroline Hewitt


Social Media and Marketing Committee

Laresa Lund

Cassie Rocks

Torie Schumacher

Kayla Sermershein

Claire Turner