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43.2 Sneak Peek: The Sound of Water by Gina Chung


Gina Chung is a Korean American writer from New Jersey currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She is a 2021–2022 Center for Fiction/Susan Kamil Emerging Writer Fellow and holds an MFA in fiction from The New School’s Creative Writing Program. Her work appears or is forthcoming in The Kenyon Review, Catapult, Gulf Coast, Idaho Review, The Rumpus, Pleiades, and F(r)iction, among others. She is currently at work on a novel and a collection of short stories. Find her at

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Review – Kristen Arnett’s With Teeth

Reviewed by Laura Dzubay

One of the most biting struggles of raising children in Kristen Arnett’s With Teeth comes in very small, human moments of perceived disrespect. If your son kicks the back of your seat while you’re driving, is it because he doesn’t respect you enough to listen when you tell him to stop, or is he just forgetting because he’s a kid? If he doesn’t come when you call, is he actively choosing not to listen, and to create more work for you by not listening, or did he just not hear?

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Review – Patricia Engel’s Infinite Country

Reviewed by Laura Dzubay

There are some moments that are so wrought with potential, they exist for eternity. In Infinite Country, Patricia Engel travels through and between these moments as they’re experienced by the five members of a family divided between Colombia and America, carefully uncovering the details of their lives one era at a time and guiding the reader through the overlapping stories and mythologies that have led them to the present moment.

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The summer issue of Indiana Review is out now! Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of Emily Harnden’s short story, “Zero to Egg to Love.”


Read the rest in Indiana Review issue 43.1, available for purchase here.

Emily Harnden is from the Midwest. Her stories and essays have appeared in Puerto del Sol, the Normal School, and The Adroit Journal, among others. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Art by Shanequa Gay.