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Убедитесь, что у вас есть рабочее зеркало Вавада для непрерывного игрового опыта.
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2018 BLB Prize #IRBlueLight Twitter Contest Winner!

Indiana Review is proud to announce the winner of our 2018 Blue Light Books Prize #IRBlueLight Twitter Contest! We received lots of well-crafted tweets about our prize’s namesake and after studious deliberation, we chose one winner who will receive an IR prize pack and free entry into our 2018 BLB Prize.

Congratulations to our winner, @matadorthefirst!

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2018 BLB Prize Twitter Contest #IRBlueLight

The 2018 Blue Light Books Prize for a story collection is open until February 9! For this winter’s Twitter contest, we’re asking you to feature the prize’s namesake. In 280 characters or less, write a story that includes a blue light. Maybe it’s a set piece, maybe it’s the main character, maybe it’s the hinge on which the whole daring narrative turns. That’s up to you. Be sure to hashtag your story with #IRBlueLight. Entries are due by Friday, January 26.

Example Tweets:

  • That morning the sun rose blue, dousing the town in an aquarium glow. While our parents watched the weather report and fretted, we embraced our new roles, and flopped on our bellies like beached fish. #IRBlueLight
  • When I’m in new groups–for a job, a class, whatever–& that superpower question that always comes up comes up, I just stare at the light bulbs overhead, change them white to blue. At this rate, I’ll end up in a room with somebody who can change them back. #IRBlueLight

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