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IR Online Poetry: “Liquid Killer Queen” by John M. Brown

“Liquid Killer Queen

by John M. Brown

A whiff to sharpen
your senses,
a taste to blur
them to bliss.

Your senses
forget the ugly, banish
them to bliss.
It’s late and you should be sleeping.

Forget the ugly, banish
with this, my liquid killer queen.
It’s late; why aren’t you sleeping?
Now dip through the surface of sleep.

This, my liquid killer queen,
slips past dry lips and
dips through the surface of sleep
to shatter sharp cognizance.

Slip past dry lips;
it’s easiest when it takes only this
to shatter sharp cognizance.
Crush bodies with Holy Hits.

Easiest when it takes only this—
a whiff to sharpen your senses.
Crush bodies with Holy Hits;
learn the taste to blur them to bliss.


John M. Brown, a native of Southern Illinois, is a senior at Eastern Illinois University studying creative and professional writing. This is his first publication.